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Spring 2002

state your name:
Braille Brizzy in the place ta be.
your current mood?
It's been fluctuating because I'm in the studio right now mixing this Acts 29 project. At this point I'm just burnt out/tired yet too inspired to just lay down and sleep.
have you ever had to censor yourself?
There is no specific time I can think of where I was forced to censor myself. Sometimes when I'm on the radio and stuff they say "Don't curse in your freestyle", but I don't curse anyway so it's no biggie. I used to censor myself out of choice when I felt uncomfertable at school. I guess you could say I would censor my personality or my identity.
the scariest thing in the world?
I would imagine hell is a pretty scary place. I don't intend on seeing it first hand though...hehe. Seeing dogs fight always gives me a good scare. Just hearing the high pitched crys and hurts my ears. I close my eyes and start yelling.
what affects your music the most?
I mean, the obvious answer for me is GOD...but beyond that it's been about digging in my heart and pulling things out. It's been about my life experiences and setting aside time to pray before I begin writing or producing.
favorite artist at the moment
This question is always hard for me. It's not something I really think about. Like, it's not very often that I sit and say "so and so if my favorite". I just appreciate various works I've heard from various artists. My feelings towards different songs and artists are very sporadic. It just depends on my mood.
an album that will always be fresh?
Midnight Mauraders......although I don't really listen to it anymore..I'm sure if I did I would still be feeling it.
an album your friends won't let you play around them?
Most days when I get out of the studio or get done working on the music...I'm not in the mood to listen to quality music. hehe. It's as if I actually enjoy hearing poorly done hiphop. I don't have a whole lot of music in my possession right now so my friends are pretty much annoyed by everything I have.
dream artist to collaborate with?
It used to be Andreas Vollenwieder. I would love to work on a song with him. More then anything I just want the oppertunity to work on an album with coherent and talented musicians willing to be my robots for a summer or something.
Food or Sleep?
Well, over the last two days I've had about 3 meals and 3 hours of sleep. hehe....I think I need the sleep more at this point though cause I have church in the morning. I can't be fallin a sleep in church.
hobbies besides music?
Aside from making music I'm involved with youth leadership at the church. I also play a role in running a youth club every saturday called The Annex. Honestly though, music takes up pretty much all my time. For example....since last sunday I've only spent 7 hours outside of the studio. Right now I'm even sleeping here. what do you find yourself thinking about when your mind is wandering in the middle of a show?
I'm usualy just critiquing myself. or thinking like "i could use some water"....or "how come the crowd isn't moving".....or "hmmmmm, that girl is pretty.. I'll have to walk past her after the show and act like I'm doing something important".
most frequent daydream?
I am completely unable to remember any of my dreams. Usually when I'm day dreaming it'll just be a little story line relevent to whatever I'm worried about at the time. daydreams consist of me spilling soda on the mixing board then inhaling just in time to suck all the soda in my mouth before it ruins the equipment.
recurring dreams?
Usually just moments from my day flashing in my head. It's almost like meditation when I dream. I just go over my day and analyze it.
favorite haven/getaway?
I used to like going to Florida a lot...but now that Ohmega lives in Portland I really have no reason to leave. My favorite getaway would probably just be going on tour or something like that.
favorite climate?
I'm one of those people who never notices the weather. I couldn't even tell you if it was hot today. I just adjust to whatever the climate may be and I'm cool with it. The only climiate that used to bother me was in florida. I used to get mad at Ohmega when I visited him...I would blame the weather on him. "Why is Florida so hot? Don't you hate this heat?"....hehe...he couldn't do anything about it though. It would be hot for him to...but he couldn't do a thing. He was in Florida but he had no control over the weather.
what drives you to road rage?
I don't have a license...I don't think I'll ever drive. I might get a little mad at someone if they crashed into my car or something.
intimidated by girls?
Not when their hanging out in the studio with me. hehe.....but aside from that...yes. I'm known to have the occasional b.o......which I'm totally cool with accept when I'm around girls. Then I'm like..."dang, when will I get to take a shower"......then Soul says "want some deoderant" and I'm like "naw, I'm cool"...but then I regret it later. I need to buy some.
when did you realize the role of God in your life?
It's an everlasting revelation for me. Every day new things take shape. This started happening though around the age of 15.
how do you see God's role in your future music?
GOD will always be evident in my life and my music. As I mature in my walk with GOD....I'll mature in my music as well. I feel like the further along down the line I get the larger role GOD will play....not only music but my life as well.
is life a distraction or is everything else a distraction from life?
I would say everything else is a distraction. We often get caught up in little insignificant things that prevent us from living life...knowing GOD and growing as people. Our growth get's stunted by little distractions and life becomes less fulfilling.
upcoming projects:
There are a lot of those. Next up is the Acts 29 album. For more info check out but the Acts 29 joint is dropping in early August. After that is the Return to Sender album followed by a solo single....a single with Johnny5....a Cave Wonders EP and next solo album titled "Long Road". We'll see how things happen though. Acts 29 is dropping real real soon. In August. Then...Return to Sender should drop towards the end of the year. Anyway, I gotta jet before Ohmega snatches the couch and leaves me on the floor. Peace and GOD bless



:: O.D.
:: NOAH23