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who are you? Xczircles shameu don't know,
it's ahmuse!!!!
Aamir Trex the one piece robot (a protocol droid) aka trexe or the trexican amnesia
describe your surroundings? Fuzzy walls…Push pins….an August Calender (Fiscal Year ends 31st)…Year End reports due…a "radiation free computer monitor…Ummm, the rest of my cubicle…and a 3rd floor view of Orange (County) peels. Tons of paper work-mostly mine. Research documents, stuff. murky and dark Suburbia, USA things are wavy
one thing you'd remove? The part where im "surrounded" by it. More camping in tents and less rent. Bureaucracy and the twisted up people I work with. myself the suburbans, expeditions, explorers, pretty much all the suv's and the people who drive them and the people who drive and talk on there cell phones. may death be upon them. my headache
an album that will always be fresh? Life is….TOO SHORT, or T.I.M.E. by Leaders of the New School Blow Out Comb, Digable Planets De La Soul- Buhloone Mind State Tribe Called Quest-The Low End Theory. Just naming one is not fair sinister dane
describe your eating habits: Well, I'm 6'7" 220 lbs, and I pretty much stick to a strict 3,500 calorie a day diet. So I can eat whatever will fit in my jaw, much to the dismay of Ahmuse, who I cohabitate and share a restroom with. caffeine, BHT, nitrates, and oxidized calcium soybean oil, and monosodium glutamate and some of Xcz's French fries. delicate Inhuman, no living being should consume the amount of food i do. feminine
fight or flight? Sucker punch and run. Or bust out the Samoen headbutt and run. In most cases I just have a hissy fit. I'm a wimp, so I'd lose every fight, and I'm scared of heights, so however you look at it, i loose either way. flight, i think this whole "turn the other cheek" thing is going to catch on both; like in crouching tiger
beverage of choice? Old Gold, 800, 8-ball, O.E. Olde English, or whatever else it may be called. Nighttrain is the way to go. One swig and you've successfully cleared out any chance of having the clap, ringworm, ingrown toenails and acne. It's an elixir highly recommended by those who have provided you MD 20/20 over these glorious years. sunkist orange Roy Rogers man guo bing sha
sit or stand? I generally stand when I micturate. Sit on a pedestal far above anyone :-) how come lying down isn't an option, I'd rather slouch, okay I'd rather sit. Sit with my Wife, Daughter and the X-Files stand
an idea that you wish was yours EBAY, I hear they do quite well. Suspension bridges and/or responsible large constructions. the Clapper "clap on, the clapper" that Star Wars thing seems to have done ok for itself indoor tanning
easiest lie? "No Hunnie, you don't look fat" "No, it's not that noticeable" they're all easy you just to have to learn how to use them to your advantage. Can i just get a warning officer I drive for a living and if i get a ticket i will lose my job, something about the insurance. i went to berkeley law
worst cover-up? "No I don't have an obsession with BET women!" Maybe it's maybelline. ummm I forget nah man i met to be off beat there i used a sheet but my dad still heard her
funniest battle moment? Ummm, I try to avoid freestyling at all costs. But I hear that whole Waterloo ordeal was kind of "funny" I used to battle on Prodigy Internet bulletin boards. Once I said something like, "I'll take you out like fast food." Oy vey. When i thought i could beat this kid up in 6th grade, envisioning the scene in my head, what i would do, stick and move like ALI, if there's room to run, then run, then the moment came where i would show everyone that no one bully's me and gets away with i didn't stick and move, i didn't run, i didn't beat him like a redheaded stepchild, instead i got knocked out with the first punch. Amnesia battling some kid using the key figures of the korean war as an analogy i started naming shit behind me; he knew he was gone when i moved aside
scariest moment? my 2nd car accident I had to pee outside of a tent during a storm in Bodega Bay, CA and it was 3am it was scary, because the movie "The Birds" was shot there. when i saw Candyman, then had to go the bathroom in the middle of the night, and as i stumbled past the mirror for a brief moment i thought i was going to die....but i didn't and have vowed to never watch that movie again. When my dog bit my daughter. heat stroke in taiwan
favorite waste of time? Being a rap star I love to look at the lineage of unknown musicians to their ancestors to see how they became and who they became... and it does nothing other than make you kind of pretentious but it's a good waste of time so that answered your question. writing e-mails and spending time talking to people I've never met on the Internet. PS2 freestylin in the shower (its also my favorite waste of water)
worst thing about the west coast? The baseball stadiums The west has what I like to call "empty cities" it's like their missing a very integral part-like a real history or something. LA is an experimental city people swimming in the ocean traffic and lots of it
most embarassing purchase? That yellow "Cross Colors" shirt I buy these things called "Homiez" they're made of plastic and 75 cents-- they're mini thugs the size of Smurfs strawberry flavored edible underwear for my girl friend at the time A bowl of Chili from the same guy i bought a trip tip sandwich meal from at a rodeo last week a wake up show freestlye cd
worst purchase as of late? The Bubba Sparxxx lp (on vinyl of course), although I'm not fully embarassed I bought a Homie I already own. A total rip off! chocolate flavored edible underwear for myself. You can never have too many of these around the house. You never know when one might come in handy. Sinatra Duets, I love the man but these albums are horrible young tiger dvd
secret obsession? Space Ghost Coast to Coast. And sex. I love the use of gunshots on tracks. It's bizarre. Tech9's song with gunshots on it makes me all pingy zingy. Rachael Leigh Cook ( i met her once and as she shook my hand and smiled my heart skipped a beat) old Country music i.e. Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Marty Robbins, Carl Perkins julia styles' movies
live or evil? Yea, I like the Flatlinerz too. Orvviillee Redenbacher "it might go Pop but it won't blow up" evil, but you would never know it by looking at me Live i guess since you only get to do it once anything live by slayer was good
current listening choices? Co-Flow "Little Johnny",
Tom Slick,
Organized "The Extinction Agenda",
Tool "Lateralis",
Radioinactive (everything),
In my car:
Thee Shallows,
and Sea and Cake's "The Biz,"
and Pinback.
Mostly dope indie rock.
John Lennon- Imagine(soundtrack)
Digable Planets - Blow out Comb
Eels - Souljacker
Spearhead - Home
Beth Orton - Daybreaker
Flaming Lips - Soft Bulletin
Mike Ladd - Welcome to the Afterfuture
"Busted Stuff"-DMB, "Blues at Sunrise"-SRV, "Reachin"-Digable Planets, "Live at San Quentin"-Johnny Cash, "Ever So Gently" -Beatles (bootleg) 80's hits like Careless Whisper and Glory of Love
upcoming projects? Escape Artists III, Sons of Mammal (Xczircles and Amnesia duet album), Xczircles and Ahmuse duet album, and the Choose Your Own Adventure concept LP. Oh yeah lots of them, but it's a secret!!! Continue working on next Escape Artists Album. EA III, Cavemen Speak's new Album, Granola Compilation not in this city



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