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These are all recommendations and previews of artists that are doing something different in Hip-Hop, Electronica, Down Tempo, Jazz, Rock, etc. These are not real reviews, just thoughts. Not all music that is submitted, is mentioned here.  
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: November 2004 :

HipHop Other Sounds
::John Tsunam - Not too intelligent, But extremely resourcedful EP
With a machine gun delivery, it would be easy to pass Johnny off as all style, but he proves with this release, it's a lot more than just delivery. A perfect blend of abstract, pensive and aggressive lyrics. Producers are a mix of Prolit alumni and Plague Language choppers...

::Typical Cats - "Civil Service" LP
The highly anticipated album from Qwel,Qwazaar,Denizen,and DJ Natural. I'll let you know when a G4 album isn't incredible... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

::Self Taught Music - The Compilation EP
(Self Taught)
A nice collection of some home-brewed hip-hop. No Gimmicks, just a whole bunch of solid tracks from FangFace,Sankofa,Joe Harvey and others....

::Single Minded Pros - From Now On LP
(ev productions)
This production team brings together an All-Star lineup of underground heroes including C-Rayz,Akro,Rubberoom,Pacewon,Binkis,Mr.Lif,LouisLogic, and many others....

::Serge Boogie - True Indeed LP
A solid release, filled with good writing and solid beats. A wonderful testament to what can be done with little money and lots of talent.

::Legend of the Wu-Tang -
Wu-Tang Clan's Greatest Hits LP

(BMG Music)
It was inevitable...but not undeserving. All your favorites without the wu-famous skits. Cream, Mystery of Chessboxing, and Triumph are all there, along with 2 rare mixes and 3 tracks only available on soundtracks or compilations.

::Andrew Octopus - Time Travel is Possible CD-R
Borrowing from abstract electronica, hip-hop, and experimental noise, Andrew Octopus puts together an intriguing, lo-fi, mash up of sounds.
Check him out HERE

::John Tejada - logic memory center LP
The famous dancefloor producer puts together an album made for the headphones. Minimal, uneven techno funk leads the way for a list of vocalists including Kimi Reccor of the Invisibles and Jimmy Tamborello of DNTL and The Postal Service.

: October 2004 :
The Lines Toughest Vol IV
Freights, Freights, Freights. A comprehensive look at a graffiti phenomenon. Featuring a very solid soundtrack of underground workers Deity, Erosadis, Noway, France 5, Mic Snatchers
Check out the trailer and BUY THE DVD HERE
Hexstatic - "Master-View"
Videos from the upcoming DVD HERE

Mr Scruff - DVD
Check out the trailer HERE


HipHop Other Sounds
::Typical Cats - "Easy Cause It Is" 12"
The first single from the upcoming LP, Civil Service shows a different side to the Chicago group. A little more mature and the lyrics and production a little darker. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
"Easy Cause It Is" MP3
"Justice Coming" MP3
"Butterfly Knives" MP3

::Uncommon Records - Sampler EP
(Uncommon Records)
An introduction to the Uncommon artists: The Presence, Arcsin, Stacs of Stamina and Centri. A spaced out, view of the things to come, watch for this label to release some high quality, progressive hip-hop.

::The Presence - Member's Only EP
(Uncommon Records)
The Presence is comprised of Nasa and Cirrus, schitzo beats provided by Nasa. Featuring guest spots by Vast Aire, Alaska, Stacs of Stamina and Centri. Topped off by some insane cover art of Dig-Dug

::Shambhala - The Lotus Of... LP (199 Records)
I'm really enjoying this album. Intricate, sweeping and organic, the production perfectly matches the agressively meditative and conscious lyrics. For fans of Dead Prez, the Fugees, K-OS, Jeru, etc.

::Arcane - Groundwork LP
These guys keep it simple, solid beats and good raps. No gimmicks or filler, and some humor for good measure. Be on the lookout, and take a listen to the MP3s on their site HERE

::The Alchemist - 1st Infantry LP
(Koch Records)
Tired of just being one of the most respected producers around, The Alchemist aims for the spotlight on this release. For every track that's an absolute blazer, there's one that's trying too hard, or just lyrically disappointing. Ultimately the album comprises of some incredible singles. A slew of guests including Nas, Mobb Deep, Dilated Peoples, The LOX, and B-Real.
Check out a video and info here

::Mouse on Mars- Radical Connector LP (Thrill Jockey)
The most developed and eclectic album to date from this super trio. Choppy beats, bounce around with a variety of vocal treatments overlaid. For fans of Funkstorung, the Notwist, Schneider TM, etc.

::Vector Lovers - Self-Titled LP
(Soma Records)
Glitchy and quirky enough to be loved by the most skeptical Dance-Music hater (me).
Check out some samples HERE
Check out a live video HERE

Azuli Records is releasing some great compilations, full of should be classics from a whole range of genres. Listen for yourself! The first is compiled by Kieran Hebden (known as FourTet)....
Check out some samples HERE
Check out some samples HERE

: September 2004 :
black moth super rainbow
a page full of mp3s and video from older releases and upcoming projects(breaks,electronic, synth)
Denizen Kane (of the Typical Cats)
- "Patriot Act" (from an upcoming release)
[ save target as ]

Menomena - "E is Stable"
(electronic indie rock)
[ save target as ]


HipHop Other Sounds
::Terms None - Terms and Conditions LP
(Motion Recordings)
After the first track, this mc really settles in with a comfortable flow. Not too abstract or literal, Terms held my attention throughout the whole disc. That's quite a feat.

::The Mole - WhirlWindWorld LP
(Motion Recordings)
A true "choose your own adventure" concept album, from the whirlwind of wierd that is the Mole. The production is always great, and the Mole's rapping is usually a little ackward, at a machinegun rate. But, always fun to listen to...

::Time - Litterture LP (dirtylaboratory)
Another talented rapper who hones his skills in the basement. Good delivery, presence, and plenty of things to say. Impressive.
MP3s : "Hungreed" and "Thanks Dad, Sorry Mom"

::Truth Enola - 6 O'Clock Straight LP
(Solid Records) It's been a long time coming, but his solo full-length is finally here. Raw and concious, Truth breaks it down to the production of Kutmaster Kurt,Beatminerz,Spinna,De La Soul,Celph-Titled,and many others. Phife and De La add some vocals.

::Outerspace - Blood and Ashes LP
Heavenly evil beats counter these meticulous mc's. JMT fans know these guys...

::Grit City - Compilation
(gritrecords)A solid compilation from the newly formed Grit Records, featuring new tracks from OC, KRS-1, and many Boston regulars.

::Calamalka - Shredder's Dub (Plug Research)
Swollen bass and beats collide in this dub tech, hazy sound. Could compare the sound to Red Snapper...

::Butch Cassidy Sound System - Butches Brew LP
An album full of authentic dub throwbacks. A truly timeless sound that needs to be heard. Also, don't let the preceeding EP pass you by, it was featured in July.

::State River Widening - Cottonhead LP
(vertical form)
A subtle album, beautiful and minimal at the same time. A very mellow post rock album for those that are taking it easy. May be similar to : Gravenhurst, Mogwai

: August 2004 :
C-Mon and Kypski - Shitty Bum
an extremely dope video, take a look (hip-hop, turntablism)

Wordsworth debates Bu$h Jr.

Infinite Livez - The Adventures Of The Lactating Man

Electronic Music Free MP3s
::b.fleischmann & herbert weixelbaum present : Duo 505 (Morr Music)
First brought together for a live performance at a street festival in Berlin, these different perspectives were joined by their love-hate relationship with their Grooveboxes (Roland's MC-505). One would produce an entire track, and the other would continue the next as an interpretation or partner to the last. So, each Duo 505 track is actually 2 tracks. You'd expect this to sound like a split album but they meld together for an entirely new sound.

courtesy of Palm Picures

Amon Tobin "The Last Minute"
from the film, The Last Minute

Earliment "We Drink On the Job"
from the album, Everyone Down Here

::Qwel and Maker - The Harvest LP (Galapagos4)
Another G4 album you should just's straight forward, Qwel on the words, Maker on the beats. You should love them both, so putting them together is good. Album release August 17th.

::7L and Esoteric - Bars of Death (Babygrande)
For fans the Boston duo, this release satisfies. Both artists appear at the top of their respective game. Guest mc's include Army of the Paharoahs, Demigodz, Main Flow, Beyonder, and KT and Uno. Also, a beat courtesy of J-Zone.

::Main Flow - Hip Hopulation LP (Brick Records)
A former member of the group "Mood", releases his first solo effort. Just looking at the list of guests, you should be able to tell the quality and scope of this work. Raekwon,Planet Asia,Talib Kweli,BlackThought,Hi-Tek,Defari,Mikah 9,7L&Eso,and Killah Priest all make their presence known.

::Insight - The Blast Radius LP
(Brick Records)
Having appeared on over 30 releases, you've most likely heard him before exchanging verses with Edan Mr.Lif....if not this can serve as a complete introduction, take a listen. Watch for the lead single, Evolve. Guests include Edan, AG, Dahga, and Ed OG. Album release August 24th.

::Theodore Unit - 718 LP (xxxx)
Another Wu-Extension, with notable members Ghostface and Cappadonna, along with 5 lesser known mc's. Not the revelation of 36 Chambers or Liquid Swords, but still decent quality, nonetheless. Tracks recorded previously intended for the Pretty Toney album and guest verses by Meth and Bonecrusher round it out...

::Benyomen - Circles in Which We Walk 12" EP
A nice little diy treat from the Life For The Better member, Benyomen. "Isn't It Funny" shines with guests, Afcelfe and Offbeat critiquing the current state of the US. Very well done. Production by Afcelfe.
: July 2004 :

::The Butch Cassidy Sound System - Hear What I SAy 12" EP (Fenetik)
An amazing EP of exclusive tracks from Michael Hunter's latest project. The LP Butch's Brew will be available in late August. The sounds range from dubbed out to stomping beats. A record that should be in the crates of every reggae, hip-hop or down tempo DJ!

Click Here for an MP3 (718 kb) of the 1st Track, inspired by Junior Byles’ 70’s reggae classic ‘Fade Away'.
::Goodie Mob - "One Monkey Don't Stop No Show" LP + Bonus DVD
(Koch Records)
They've gained praise and fans for consistently defying mainstream ideals...but nonetheless, you'd think it might be time for The Mob to fall off. Hell, it's seems to happen to everyone else. Think again, Goodie Mob is back(even minus Cee-Lo)! No one can so easily combine personals diatribes and the party jams. Organized Noize on the beats, so no recycled breaks here!
Click Here to View the video for "Play Your Flutes"
::Guido Mobius - Klisten LP (klangkrieg)
A member of the bands "blinker_inc" and "Hildeguard", produced this beautiful piece of work that is beyond description...full of soft organic electronics and unusual instruments. Post punk and free jazz influences abound...For fans of Tortoise, Daedelus, Mice Parade, Mouse on Mars, Etc.

::Thought Breakers - Episode I LP
(Ever Reviled Records)
with songs ranging from socially concious to almost hilarious, the potention is here. The Mc's play nicely off each other, creating a nice pace throughout. For fans of both Extended Famm and Talib Kweli. Production by DJ Stealth and Bender

::Omni - Burgandy Brown LP
(BLX Records)
The 2nd solo LP from this member of Gershwin BLX...Straight up hip hop, appoligizing for nothing. A definite West Coast feel, production from too many to mention...
: June 2004 :
*listening to
::Approach - Ultra Proteus LP (coup d'etat)
A familiar sound but fresh enough to keep you listening. Feels like an Ab Rude, Devine Styler, J5 type sound- Guest spot by Mac Lethal.

::Jermiside - The Biology of Kingship LP
(Grand Scheme Recordings)
A nice throwback album of soulful beats coupled with a tight,poetic flow. Rhyme patterns are diverse and unique. Mix Pete Rock and Aceyalone.

::Mr Cleen - Audiobesity LP (lftb)
A member of Life For the Better, Mr Cleen releases his first solo effort. It's on the lighter, sample-heavy side. Production by Dj Cheapshot, Rock and lftb crew. Good Stuff.

::Mash Out Posse S/T LP (family first)
The latest rap/rock combo of MOP and Shiner Massive is basically everything you'd expect. Remember the BioHazard/Onyx track from The Judgement Night Soundtrack. MOP is on tour now w/ Pharoahe Monch and Scratch, and w/ Linkin Park as Mash Out Posse this summer.

::Mike Fellows - "Limited Storyline Guest" LP
(vertical form)
Brilliant instrumentation with electronic accents and melodies galore. Modern bluesy-folk from the guy who has worked as Mighty Flashlight and with the Silver Jews.

::Sidewinder - Redone EP
(fenetik music)
Remixes and re-arranged tracks from the "Resolution" Album. Yam Who remixes 'Ego Riot' on the A Side, while Sidewinder creates a reworking of 'the Adventure' and a live interpretation of 'Missing Link' on the B Side.

::Christian Kleine - Real Ghosts LP
(city centre offices)
Big beat with varied instruments shows the eclectic leanings of Kleine's latest.

::Passage - theforcefieldkids LP

::Funkstorung - Disconnected LP

::The Unicorns - Unicorns Are People Too EP

::Beta Band - Heros to Zeroes LP

::Black Eyes - Cough LP

: May 2004 :
*new music spottings and comparisons
::Babbletron - Mechanical Royalty LP
(Embedded Music)
Volatile and composed, mc's jaymanila and Clam Pete rip in completely different manners yet remain comfortable in the thunderdome of beats by DJ Pre. Maybe like CoFlow, Shadow Huntaz, Tes . Additional production by MF Doom.

::Mestizo - LifeLikeMovie LP
Just a another great album from G4. Production by Jackson Jones, Meaty, Om, DJWL, Maker and others. Guest vocals by Rift, Offwhyte, Qwel, Denizen, and Golda Supernova. Track 11 was the hightlight for me. Mestizo's flow and a huge beat by Maker comes together perfectly.

::Illogic / DJ Eyamme - Split 7"
(Dove Ink!)
Nice little record with the expected quality verses from Illogic and the beat. Jazzy instrumental of a different track from the same producer on the B side.

::The Spam All-Stars - LP
DJ Le Spam serves up the spicy breaks with a lively funk band. Nothing too crazy here, but definitely worth a mention. Quality Music.

::Not For Nuthin - 12"
(Embedded Music)
This 12" includes one track with a collabo with Mr Complex (Polyrhythm Addicts) and the group is made up of E-Dot, Loer Velocity and Donnan Linkz. E-Dot will have a full-length out on Uncle Howie Records this fall and who has done tracks with ILL Bill, Breez Evahflowin and Kool DJ EQ and Loer Velocity who is a member of The Writers Guild with LIFE Long and will have an EP out on Cajo Communications this spring. The group lives together in Bed Stuy Brooklyn on some hip-hop Three's Company shit and will have a full-length out sometime this year.

::Simple Kid - LP
(2M/Vector Recordings)
File Under : quirky, cosmic pop rock. Similar to Beta Band, Flaming Lips, Dylan? Poor album cover, but good music. Out June 15!
Streaming Video for 'Staring At The Sun'

Streams from the new Envoy albumHere

Streams from the new Slicker albumHERE
The latest album from John Hughes (a.k.a. Slicker and the man behind Chicago’s Hefty Records). Smooth electronic soul jazz...

2 New MP3's from 2ndRec
[right click and "save target as"]
Pilot Balloon - "Vampire Tonic"
Nitrada - "start today"
::Sharkey - Sharkey's Machine LP
(Babygrande Records)
A tribute to eclectism and hip-hop, Sharkey creates a wonderful album featuring CanOx, Jean Grae, Cherrywine, Pharcyde and co-production by Mario Caldato Jr (Beasties) and Mickey Petralia (Beck).

::Diverse - One AM LP
(Chocolate Industries)
A must have. Just an incredible album all the way through. Absolutely nothing to complain about. Chunky and chopped production is handled perfectly by RJD2, Madlib, Prefuse73, and others. Guest spots : LyricsBorn, JeanGrae, VastAire.

::Vast Aire - Look Mom...No Hands LP
(Chocolate Industries)
Vast Aire has his moments, but with the production coming from everywhere, the album never really comes together. A bunch of strong tracks, just a couple that could have been left out...

::Epic - Local Only LP
(Clothes Horse Records)
These Canadian rappers aren't for everyone, but the talent is indisputable. Following in the monotone of Buck65, Epic remains true. Most of the stellar production comes from soso.

::Unauthordox - The EP LP
(RedBalloon Records)
With a run-on type flow, Dox keeps up and sounds convincing in his first formal release. And he has enough to say, keeping it pretty interesting...Mostly self-produced, but guest producers include the Orphan, Rob Viktum, and a remix by Nomar Slevik.

: April 2004 :
*new music
Streams from New Schneider TM remix album HERE
::Pilot Balloon - Ghastly Good Cheer LP
(2.nd rec)
From a haunted basement somewhere comes another incredible album from 2nd rec. Pilot Balloon, made up of KaeoFLUX and Judson MacRae, have created an invitation to the future of abstract hip-hop post rock jazz. Sorry I had to say that. Seldomly heard vocals by Kaeo and Stacs of Stamina.

Pilot Balloon - "Vampire Tonic" MP3

::DJ Kechup - Tomato Radio LP
(Monotonous Records)
A fun album with energetic beats and scratch work to match. You could lose some pounds to this. All cuts and production by Kechup

::Rajbot - boojwaterror LP
A nice instrumental album from Raj. Dark and inventive, everytime it seems familiar it changes.

::the three-fifths - fifthsomnia LP
(Omerous Records)
Some nice tech-hop beats, tons of melody and live instrumentation. Not sure about the rapping, doesn't really seem to fit with the rest. Things really come together on tracks 9 and 10.

::Camping - Suburban Shore LP
A modern, electronic take on Bossa Nova from German singer, Henning Fritzenwalder and the guys in Chessie. Here's to a hot summer!

::Illogic - Celestial Clockwork LP
(Weightless Recordings)
You know him, it's what you'd think. The most satisfying Illogic album to date, don't miss this. Release: April 13 2004
Production: Blueprint
Guests: AesRock,VastAire,Slug

::Ancient Mith - His Story in the Faking LP
(Selective Hearing)
An impressive album from an emcee that not only has a convincing flow but also an idea on how to make interesting songs. For Fans of the Shapeshifters and Project Blowed. Extras: the Mole and Demune.

: Feb-March 2004 :
*music reviews previews and mp3s *streaming videos
in conjunction with ninjatune
in conjunction with ninjatune and big dada
::Mercury Waters - Brushstrokes in Black Ink LP
(Murky Waters Records)

Impressive in the quality and direction of this release. Mercury Waters lays the intricate vocals over self-produced bump, a collision of hip hop, jungle, and broken beats. Recommended if you like Aesop Rock, Dizzee Rascal, plaguelanguage, etc
Listen Here

::DJ Dangermouse - The Grey Album
Jay-z's "Black Album' gets remixed using only the 'White Album' as source material. It's Good.

Prince Po and DM recorded this promo MP3 for your listening pleasure :

Look out for the Hold Dat feat. Jemini 12" (produced by Richard X) and a limited promo Social Distortion feat. MF Doom 7" (produced by Danger Mouse) in stores this Spring.
lex records

::Nitrada - We Don't Know Why But We Do It LP
(2ndRec Records)

The indie-electronic genre has a new name. Recommended if you like Savath+Savalas/Prefuse 73, Schneider TM, Mice Parade, things like that.

MP3 of "Fading Away"
[ right click and "save as" ]

::Dustmite - demo
spastic beats in space

Blockhead's 'Insomniac Olympics'
Real Media
Windows Media

Hexstatic ZEN TV video-mash up
Real Media
Windows Media

Skalpel '1958'
Real Media
Windows Media

Jaga Jazzist 'Day'
Real Media
Windows Media

Blockhead 'Carnivores Unite' Taken from Blockhead's debut album 'Music By Cavelight'. Aesop Rock's former producer stuns us with his beautiful instrumental hip hop.
Real Media
Windows Media

cLOUDDEAD 'The Velvet Ant' Big Dada gives us an exclusive from cLOUDDEAD's second album 'Ten'. Expect razor-sharp vocal interplay, quirky found sound samples, and a fair share of nosdam's growl-slow drums!
Real Media
Windows Media

DJ Food 'Dark Lady' Bassline appropriated by Bomb The Bass for their Bug Powder Dust track - check the sleeve credits for a DJ Food thanks. A track that will forever now be associated with smashing the back board of the basket in NBA Street.
Real Media
Windows Media

'Atomic Moog' by Coldcut (Cornelius Mix) A true classic done as a swap mix with the Japanese don.
Real Media
Windows Media

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: January 2004 :
*new mp3s

BrokenKlutch of the Komadose Collective
Some MP3s from his 'Bobwire Stensols' LP
Look out for his "Dimensional Demon" EP

Pregnant Klutch - "Big Bertha" MP3
Pregnant Klutch - "Premier Launch" MP3
Pregnant Klutch - "Symphony Steel" MP3
Myn Dwun's MP3 Page

Look out for his LP, Stream of Conscienceless
album cover by

Orphan - 'Album Snippets'
a few of the 18 songs from the upcoming album: Orphan "Hollow"
in order of appearence: troubadour,athena,stacs of stamina & bender,(inst),offwhyte,noah23 orko,unauthordox,(inst)
*submitted music recommendations
::ISAN - Meet Next Life LP (Morr Music)
A beautiful album of bedtime electronics, similar to the sounds of Mum. Release date : February 2004

::DJ DNA The Exploration EP
(Audio Art Records)
A solid instrumental hip-hop album filled with breaks flipped imaginatively. He was the producer for the group, the Solseekers.

::Northstar Bobby Digital Presents: LP
(Koch Records)
Discovered by RZA, this duo from Long Beach releases their first full length, after spots on the Wu's Killa Bees Comps, as well as the Ghost Dog Soundtrack. A balance of polished and gritty production lets this group go. Beats by RZA, Armand Van Heldon, D.R. Period, Allah Mathematics and others...

::Antifiction Self-Titled LP
Big Shawn of Bored Stiff provides the damaging production for this semi-futuristic album. Quality stuff here.
Antifiction Website

::Nomar Slevik - Paper Bullets (An Album of Duets) LP (Blueside Recordings)
Nomar continues to be one of the most productive and experimental artists of independent hip-hop. With close to 20 guests, this album is veritable cornucopia of sound. Bizarre and Breath taking, guests include the Mole (of Motion Recordings), Gabe FM, Geneva B, Luke Geraty, Joe Rath and Jd Walker, to name a few. This album must be heard to be believed
: November 2003 :
*new mp3s and videos from Big Dada

LotekHiFi - "Album Mini Mix" MP3
Real Audio
Ty - "Takin It Back" MP3
Real Audio

Ty - 'Wait a Minute' Video
Real Media Windows Media

*submitted music recommendations
::Adventure Time - Dreams of Water Themes LP (Plug Research)
Daedelus and Frosty (from join forces to craft a wonderful downtempo album similar in sounds to Fila Brazilia or Fourtet...featuring vocals by Saul Williams, Pigeon John (of LA Symphony), and Mia doi Todd.

::DjEgadz thecardboardbox LP(Monotony Records)
Another nice instrumental album from egadz. A little Sci-fi, some breaks bordering on drum n bass, and a whole lot of imagination. Don't miss out!

::Greenhouse Effect Life Sentences LP
(Weightless Records)
The first full-length from the Columbus trio of Blueprint, Inkwel and P-Dunbar (formerly Manifest) simply stated, is just plain dope. The 3 emcees build off one another seamlessly while still remaining unique on their own. Produced entirely by Blueprint, guest spots by Vast Aire, Illogic, and the Cryptic One.

::LFTB Compilation LP
An interesting compilation from the LA Hip-Hop collective, known as Life For the Better. Abstract turntablism and emotive, abstract hip-hop could start to categorize them. If you like the Anticon sounds you should definitely check these people out.
LFTB Website

::Meaty Ogre - Leo Vs. Pisces LP(Galapagos 4)
I don't know where to begin with this album, there is just too many good things. The production, the vocals, and the arrangement of the album as a whole. Every track is as complete as it could be, whether it's layered with Meaty's own vocals or the deep lineup of guests (including Inf Pwr, Qwel, Denizen Kane, Robust, Actual Fact, Rift Napalm, Offwhyte, and Mestizo) Truely (in my most distinguished voice) an album for the cheesy, but true.

: OCTOBER 2003 :
::Ms. John Soda - While Talking EP (Morr Music)
A little more rock and less electronic sounding this time...Stefanie Bohm and Micha Acher of The Notwist once again create a wonderful tapestry of sound. Also, features a medley of their first album remixed by Anticon's Subtle.

::Ensyght Quiet Nites LP(AlmaNegra Records)
A solid album from an mc combining a straight forward and spoken word delivery...although they're often seperated by songs. Hopefully, they can embrace one another. Positive ideas and clean production are the roots.
ensyght website

::Komadose Beta One LP
(Gig City Records)

A crew of 11 artists from Boston to Brooklyn make up Komadose. Agressive, abstract lyrics run head on into destructive beats.

Listen:SpadeMega "Crave" prod. by KaeoFLUX :
WepOne "Rusted Dimes" Clip(rough) from upcoming EP "Askance" prod. by KaeoFLUX

::Dakah - Live: California Plaza 7/5/03Double LP(Kufala Recordings)

A massive, 58 piece hip-hop orchestra, conducted and composed by Double G. Disc 1 is an interpretation of some of the best hip-hop acts to date (Gangstarr, The Roots) Disc 2 starts (and almost ends) with an epic (almost an hour) composition entitled, Reepus II In A Minor. A very talented pool of dj's, mc's and the more traditional musicians keeps this release interesting. Latin, Funk, Jazz and Psychedelia all influence this sound.
*new mp3s from Ninja Tune Records

Homelife - "Wombly Jack"
Loko - "Beginningless"

Super Numeri - "The Coastal Bird Scene"
vinyl-only release

Treva Whateva - "Havana Ball"
Chris Bowden - "Crockers and Killers (Palmskin Mix)"
: September 2003 : The Best of the Summer
*submitted music reviews
::Royce - Subtleties of the Game LP
(Galapagos 4)

One of my favorite albums I've been sent this summer...a live hip-hop band of sorts. A huge range of styles, but never seaming incoherent. Mostly instrumental, but when the guy sings it sounds a lot like The Sea and Cake. Also, Qwel contributes lyrics to 2 tracks.
Galapagos 4 website

::Maker - Honestly LP
(Birthwrite Records)

An incredible debut LP from the producer, Maker. A little on the lo-fi side this album is about half instrumental, but you don't get bored. Fresh samples, layered high keep it moving nicely. Lyrics brought to you by Adeem, Qwel, Nacrobats, Josh Martinez, Thawfor, Lord 360, Gov Bolts and Sarcazm.
birthwrite website

::Donna Regina - Late LP
(Karaoke Kalk)

A slow down electronic type album that is just simply beautiful. Saprse electronic twerks litter the compositions built around Regina Janssen's sublime voice. A bed time materpiece.

karaoke kalk website

: June-July 2003 :
*submitted music reviews
::Cavemen Speak - ShadowAnimalSolos LP

A choose your own adventure type journey thru leftfield hip-hop. Mostly rapping, some singing, lots of good music. Other characters include Josh Martinez, thEscapeArtists, Phlegm...CavemenSpeak website

::Dev79distinct stance 12" EP

working off a hip-hop foundation, dev79 creates a unique brand of blippity, noise-hop. Static electricity, crunchy drums, and sub bass all make their presence known
dev79 website

::Labtekwon - The Hustlaz Guide to the Universe LP(Ankh-Ba Records)

Baltimore's own underground hero releases a solid full length. Varied subject matter includes spirituality, the vegan lifestyle, and some freaky shit. I also really enjoyed the production (simple deep dark jazz head bop)
*submitted music reviews *videos
in conjunction with bigdada
in conjunction with bigdada
::Mac Leathal - The Love Potion Collection LP
(Beyond Space Entertainment)
A truly surprising album full of interesting lyrics and nice beats, Mac proves he's not just a battler, and he also provides the strongest beats. Sound quality is superb, mcenroe mastered it.

::Natalie Gardiner EP
Ramjac handles the production on this downtempo EP. A dark and smokey journey thru the beautiful voice of Natalie. Complete with instrumentals.

::Soul Junk - EP
(SD Records + In Transit)

Some of the best packaging in recent memory, the case a mutated floppy disk (when they were actually floppy), Lo-fi hip hop madness, colorful, sporadic tracks matched the whirlwind of MCs, Slo-Ro and Galaxalag.
MP3s Here

Roots Manuva "Witness The Fitness"
Real Media
Windows Media

Ty "We Don't Care"
Real Media
Windows Media

New Flesh "Lie Low"
Real Media
Windows Media

Gamma "Killer Apps"
"Killer Apps" is a posse cut featuring the whole of the group's Shadowless crew (Tomo, Defisis, Infinite Livez and Jack Tarr).
Real Media
Windows Media

TTC "De Pauvres Riches"
Real Media
Windows Media

New Flesh "Stick and Move"
Real Media
Windows Media

Majesticons - "Brains Party"

King Geedorah (MFDoom) - "Next Level"
f. Lil Sci, ID 4 WINDS & STAHHR from the Lp "Take Me To Your Leader" dropping in June

Roots Manuva - "Bashment Boogie"
Shadowless Tomz Remix

NMS - "Brave New World"
BigJust and Orko team up

Lotek Hifi - "Ram Dancehall"
Lotek Hifi - "Fire"
debut from Wayne Bennett's Lotek HiFi project, with the sometimes Roots Manuva producer searching for a whole new sound

New Flesh - "Norbert & Cecil"
featuring Roots Manuva as Cecil Pimpernel From the New Flesh "Understanding" LP

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: May 2003 : NameDroppin'
*hiphop *electronic *mp3s
::LexRecords releases Tes x2 LP

::Galapagos4 continues to hurl great releases one after another.Offwhyte'sFifth Sunand Qwel's Rubber Duckie Experiment are both necessary albums that improve with each listen

The next G4 release is a 7" from Meaty Ogre featuring Robust & Rift Napalm (May 13th)from upcoming Meaty Ogre LP (summer 2003)


::!K7 releases a 7" for Mike Ladd anticipating his LP

::Hand'Solo's Basement of Badmen Vol 2
Out Now- f. Restiform Bodies,Selfhelp,Noah23,Epic..Canadian(for the most part) weirdness representing.

::Morr Music
After producing a couple of tracks for the last Bjork album and numerous other projects, Thomas Knak releases an EP as Opiate -stuttering, intricate beats and textured landscapes. Not extremely minimal or overworked. Sounds good in the ears.

the London based trio, Spacek releases their 2nd LP, Vintage Hi-Tech

goodness gracious

The Burnside Project
indie-electronic-hiphop something

nice mellow tracks

spastic instrumentals

boom boom bap

dope emcee

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: April 2003 Album Previews :
DJ Dangermouse
f. Jemini the Gifted

download the Bush Boys here

download new tracks from his upcoming instrumental album here
Four Tet
preview a track from the new Album due May 5
: March 2003 Profiles :
Plug Research
Motion Recordings
Monsta Island Czars are here. MF Doom and friends release the highly anticipated Escape From Monsta Island. Call it a bizarro Wu breed, just as sharp and more dangerous. No filler neither.
Micranots' cassette-only, Return of The Travellahs is formally released, sounds like it could have been recorded next year, you should have this. Complete with the "So Deep" Remix.
Also,Don't forget the new Mr.Dibb's 30th Song due out late March. Also, Nikoless Skratch & The Surgeon General-Turntable of Contents (Street Date: 3/25/03)
Brother Ali-A Room with a view, Star Quality, Bitch Slap 12" [ prod. by Ant of Atmosphere](Street Date: 4/1/03) and full length soon
Meanest Man Contest release their 1st LP. Merit is a beautiful piece of work. Quarterbar on the beats and Eriksolo on the vocals. A must-hear for abstract fans.
The 2nd album from Soulo, entitled Man, the Manipulator questions more than it answers. But most of the time the answer's not what you wanted to hear anyways. Good staring at the wall type music. To steal from the press release, "Soulo stands singular. You can reach for days trying to glue them to comparisons: dots connect the glacial crescendos of Sigur Ros, cosmic rock of the Flaming Lips, and the hyper eclecticism of the Beta Band; but these are only dots." It's true.
After releasing the truly inventive, Invention by Daedelus, PR has released a nice little Super Single/EP, Quiet Party complete with Madlib and High Priest Remixes, as well as an unreleased jem featuring the Busdriver and Abrude. Don't miss out.
Nomar Slevik has released quite an impressive album called "purple lights & april foolishness" with guest slots filled by jdWalker, the mole, and the Dreadnots. You should just listen to it. His new album is called Paper Bullets, which is comprised of duets between nomar and a bunch of other people, including the mole, Joe Rath, Demune, Dreadnots, Brzowski, Sontiago, phlegm, Node, Kthei???, Luke Geraty, and more.
Listen to Nomar Slevik here

The CD-R Album king, Joe Rath has struck again. Complete wih his ransom note style collage covers, and lovesickened lyrics, Joe vows to never rap again. Look out for the new interview. Most definitely the strongest production backing to date. Beats handled by Rorschach and Poor Richard.
Listen to Joe Rath here

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