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Winter 2004
photos:kani colipano / design:erasoul
state your name
jason...john tsunam
current state of mind
cold and hungry. so i guess a 3rd world state of mind. that sounds like an album name. like a political album. nah my political album would be named "fuck da white house ill punch ya lights out"
any superstitions?
tons, im from hawaii! and im half vietnamese. not to stereotype but most asian countries have a lot of superstitions. no whistling at night (fear of calling the night marchers), dont stand your chopsticks up in your bowl of rice, no taking lava rocks, tons!
any to live by?
nah. i do enjoy their novelty though. i like the idea of hawaii as a subculture.
so, how did you end up in Seattle?
well i drove with my friends on a road trip. but mainly i came because i have like 11 friends here that i was friends with in hawaii. we have like a little commune up here on Seattle's Capitol Hill
daily routine?
i literally wake at 9 catch the 9:09 bus. i have no time for routine. i'm not a morning person
perfect meal?
chicken yakisoba, strawberry mochi ice cream, tall glass of arizona green tea, taller glass of aloha made iced tea
well, you're a chef?
yea sort of. i'm a sushi chef so i dont really cook anything. i actually don't like sushi. i guess it's better that way. like a dealer who doesnt smoke his own stash
guilty pleasures?
tons! the ones im willing to mention though....beef jerky, cheese burgers, i occasionally objectify women, and lots of music guilty pleasures. like a song or 2 by the rapture, the killers, the moving units....and tooons of chicago, peter cetera, phil collins and genesis.
current obsessions?
MMA! mixed martial arts and full contact fighting. i cant get enough of it.

i like that they're so skilled in so many different kinds of fighting. technicians out there mang.

its like watching a chess match, especially when they're on the ground working submissions, only way more exciting than chess.

plus i like watching people get there faces smashed.

currently listening to?
the stuff im about to list is honestly what ive been listening to! im not trying to name a bunch of bands from different genres to sound eclectic and worldly. this isnt myspace so believe me, im not trying to impress you with my diverse taste in music.

steel pulse, jacob miller and the inner circle band, desmond dekker, volume 10, bruce springstein (older folky stuff), crosby stills and nash (and sometimes young), all the express rising and memphix releases (big up to chad by the way), sketchie and mr cooper ish (mummy fortunas theatre company/mechaincal insects/lex records)
An idea you wish was yours?
i wish i had come up with the ronco flavor injector. that shit seems like it should have been invented years ago! its simply a seringe for injecting garlic and cloves and shit into chunks of meat.....genius!

btw...that new drew carrey show "green screen" where they act things out in front of a green screen, and later cartoonists add things in....that was my idea first! im glad i didnt try and do it though...that show sucks.
to the past or the future?
to the past. im only 22 but that saddens me. for some reason my happiest times always seem to be behind me. also, i miss my parents and siblings....i wish we lived in a country where it was socially acceptable and expected that you live with your family for life. every year i just get further and further away from banging young girls. just kidding.
upcoming projects?
i've got 3 projects in the works and 1 tour 2 limited projects for the super heads and 1 for the rest of you, pimps and hos.

1.john and kani tsunami-"snowed in" book/cd
this is a very limited split project with my girlfriend kani (pronounced connie). she is doing all the photos and all the artwork and i am doing the music. its going to be a real book and a real cd so dont sleep. its going to be very limited and very very hot. concept poject thats about 1 day....a day in which we are bored trapped at home due to bad weather conditions. its kind of a photo and song log of the events that took place that stagnant boring evening....thus hilarity ensues

2.john tsunam and rev left present-"mod advice for primal man:your nature needs an upgrade" ep
this is a 4 song vinyl only ep produced entirely by rev left. features omega 6 of hidden habitats hawaii and kthei??? of the komadose crew. i guess its sort of political. more like youth empowerment/the citizens are restless type stuff. nearly done so this should be out early next year.

3.john tsunam and nocturne LP/CD
this is my serious one! well crafted full length produced entirely by nocturne and all vocals by me. its themed and cohesive and mapped out right. blended well. interludes that link and vocals that compliment beats that compliment moods. should be out my march next year. im pleased with whats come of it so far.

Tour: the tour is still loose and being scheduled by me and kthei??? should be going all over the US in february as long as nothing really bad happens between now and then.   



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