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Spring 2002
state your name: StayInSane stephen aka eibol 1 Hippo Losaka (105aka)
state your current fantasy: Rockin' shows worldwide to have a racks full of anolog and digital equipment in a state of the art studio we own... A date with Sofia Vergara Quitting my job
if there was an asterisk next to you name, what would it mean? *Rowdy behavior is imminent *tracks made by... *Needs anger management *the quiet one
what affects your music the most? Lifetime trials & tribulations of course whether or not Hippo shows up for a session! Alcohol my mood, the weather.....stress....i like the cloudy days
the dumbest thing in the world? That ab belt, what's it called? you know what I'm talking about the fact that they stopped making jello pudding pops Mall security My Art History teacher
favorite artist at the moment: Mr. Lif don't really have a fave, but i have been listening to alot of the Strokes Outkast Tie between Aesoprock and Slug
an album that will always be fresh: Gangstarr 'Moment of Truth' Prince ..Purple Rain First Cypress Hill album H2A Crew - No One's Listening
an album your friends won't let you play around them: The Smiths 'Louder than Bombs' Prince ..Purple Rain Quasimoto anything Anticon
your dream artist to collaborate with: DJ Premier (best producer of all time?) Phife Dan the Automator Slug or EL-P
coffee, juice, or beer? coffee, juice, and beer mixed together..yum beer My pop's home made coffee BEER!!! Stout...
underrated vegetable? Carrots are pretty damn good for being vegetables Christopher Reeves Cauliflower don't sleep on the Yucca, moms hooks it up
what do you find yourself thinking about when you wake up? Why I did what I did the night before or why I didn't do what I should've done the night before how to kill my alarm clock Panties nervous breakdowns
most frequent daydream? Life with no work i just zone out till i see white Doing a show in Venezuela music = job... it will never happen tho...
recurring dreams? Something about my high school days, but I can never remember the entire dream i can't ever remember them the next morning... I always get shot car crashing, and flying off a cliff
favorite haven/getaway? My headphones my home studio Driving my car to unknown destinations a blank page & photography
favorite climate? A climate comparable to Cali would be ideal, without the earthquakes! tropical Tropical Rain summertime rain
anything drive you to road rage? Elderly people who can't see the road, but when I finally find out that they are old, I feel bad and wave to them. slow drivers! Senior Citizens almost anything does, especially getting stuck behind people making left turns
a place you'd love to spend your vegetable years? As far as I'm concerned, these are my vegetable years, live it up! rogers record shop... Tahiti i always dreamed of dying somewhere in the tropics
favorite waste-of-time? Playstation 2: Grand Theft Auto, Madden Football Tournaments listening to records Drawing crap in my sketchbook procrastinating
upcoming projects? H2A Album this summer, Stayinsane Solo EP, Guest appearances on 'Hippo Treats'...stay tuned! h2a full length, eibol solo Upcoming H2A album, and Hippo Treats DUCK THE NORM (my solo album) go get it!!!!!!
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