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Summer 2002
who are you? i'm siaz
one third of cavemen speak, handling the microphone and currently dieing
homesick nomad,
the baddest punk around.
i'm dAn and the iDIOT
but everybody seems to call me oliver
where you at? i'm ashamed to say it but i'm in front of my computer killing time.. the daylight will come in in about two hours.. i'm hungry and thirsty.. lost for words and the whole world is asleep. doorniksewijk, kortrijk, belgiŽ a town called Kortrijk, BElgium
describe your sleeping habits: well since its 4:42 am and i have been in my bed but decided to wake up again.. i'll honestly have to say i don't know anymore.. i think my hair has grown too wild to have a proper sleep on it.. i quote 16th century poets in my sleep. ask my brother. silent (music), blablabla (my girlfriend), quiet (zzzzzz, me)
fight or flight? my mind says fight but my figure, my appearance and my skills say flight. fight cus i don't tie my shoes i'm a lover, not a hater
lubrication of choice? whats lubricant? really.. i'm speaking dutch and my dictionary ain't helping me out here... i wouldn't recognise a lubricant if i saw one.. H2O
happy or sad? this is an easy one: sad sad nothing but smiley faces
an idea that you wish was yours these amazing cdroms i bought... the printing work on it make them look like vinyl.. the coolest cdees i've seen in a while. wy didn't i think of it.. i believe this will be a trend soon and everybody will have them. electronic darts i have no idea ( i don't envy anyone or anything )
easiest lie? nowadays, telling myself "sleeping is for losers" the monkey took it it wasn't me
worst cover-up? "me no speaking english" yeah its true, monkeys do that. blanket over grandma, RIP kid!
favorite waste-of-time? my studies graphical design.. its the best. counting birds patchwork and... nah, just patchwork, yep.
scariest moment? the dream i had earlier.. i remember pudding and a strange guy with a moustache saying "what a lovely wheater isn't it?" and oh yeah lots of bicycles... there was also a guiding parot who kept saying: "your place or mine?"... and a singin monkey dressed like a banana.. when a securityguy beat me up after he cauhgt me stealing bongos from a catholic band one time i choked and couldn't breathe for more than a minute.
most embarassing purchase? boatshoes.. i don't know if thats the correct term. chocolat filled with something that tastes like bananas from the brand jacky. and off course the usual pepsicola, coca cola, ... i'm kind of proud to say i never spend my money on stuff farther then primary needs; i don't buy a lot of stuff, i'm too embarressed to answer this one
worst purchase as of late? two days ago.. they decided to put instead of tomatoesauce a sort of creamy white sauce on my vegetarian pizza... what a nice suprise if you come home and haven't eaten the whole day. my waterturtles who never woke up from their wintersleep sorry guys but i'm too embarressed
best pick-up line? i know nothing about that... honnestly.. i'm quite scared when it comes to this. i'm the man like millions around me Oups, sorry, can i pick that up for ya?
live or evil? i'll have to go with live live veil, or maybe ivel or liev, .... no defenetly veil.
current listening choices? buddypeacemixtapes on cd i got in the mail today and lots of bdp buddypeacetapes on cdee.. the godsong is awesome... reaching quiet, philip glass, dj shadow, cs, clouddead, boom bap, tom waits (that drunk guy rules), and a whole lotta spleen
upcoming projects? my first and most important project will be finding a way to fall asleep again. after our last two albums ("so the blindman woke earlier ep" and "bowl of monkey") we're working on a third fullength hopefully finished somewhere around october-november 2002. I update the mp3library on every now and then so u can check some of the new stuff coming up... and off course lots of shows in the future... bekaert morningshift, cavemen speakprojects and liveshows.. siaz and me are also featuring in an opera... more cs, gonna try to make some sort of weird graphic/video/whatever novel that makes no sense what so ever.
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